Radiant Barrier For Windows - How it works

Unique Energy Efficient See Thru Film

Why In'Flector Material Is So Efficient (Includes Video)

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In the summer and in hot climates if you can reflect the heat back out through the windows, the air conditioning (HVAC) runs less saving you money! In the winter if you can reflect the heat back into the building so it doesn’t escape out through the windows the heating system runs less saving you money on heating costs! Further more if you have south and west facing windows the In’Flector Window Insulator is a passive solar collector; in the sun the solar loading produces free heat!

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See Through Window Insulator “Secrets Revealed”

it's in the layers, perforation and reversibility:

1. Secret; Aluminum;

The aluminum is a heat mirror and reflects the heat in the direction the aluminum faces. When it faces outward in the summer it reflects the heat back out through the windows. When the aluminum side is reversed so that it faces inward in the winter it reflects the heat back into the building so it can’t escape through the windows.

2. Secret; Perforation;

The perforations allow you see through the insulator and allowing light through the insulator, reducing the amount of lights you would need use if you had ordinary blinds. The perforation also allows absorbed heat to enter through the insulator in the winter.

3. Secret; middle layer; the middle layer (black) is a passive solar collector. (We all know if we are wearing a black colored shirt in the sunlight we are a lot hotter than if we are wearing a white one) Sunlight is absorbed and passes through the perforations into the building.

4. Secret; final layer; a clear coat layer UV protectorate seals the perforations stopping the flow of air through the insulator which helps create the insulating factor and reduces UV damage.